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Measure Oil Viscosity and Total Acid Number with Precision

The Gerin Corporation in Neptune, New Jersey, offers reliable kits to determine the oil viscosity and total acid number of fluids. Currently, we have four methods available. Contact us for the technical literature, availability, and current cost of each product.

Model V-3 Falling Ball Viscosity Comparator

The Model V-3 instrument measures viscosity and detects contaminants in lubricants. This viscosity test method utilizes the principles established in ASTM™ D 445 Standard Test Method for Kinematic Viscosity of Opaque Fluids. We manufacture kits to test diesel, gasoline, turbine lubricants, and unknown samples against the standard of new oil.


This compact and lightweight instrument has no electronic components. It features a simple and accurate mechanical design, allowing the user to get precise test results at a low cost. This product is suitable for:

Common Carriers • Tug and Ferry Fleets Road Builders Yacht Owners 

The Gerin KOH Ampule Test Method

It measures the quantity of potassium hydroxide required to neutralize acid in one gram of oil. Our products allow for a quick and easy way to test transformer and other petroleum fluids for acidity. This condemning limit test method tells the user if the test fluid is either above or below a selected total acid number (T.A.N.). Just measure, shake, and wait a few seconds before observing the color test results. Pink to magenta means pass. Clear means fail.

Acidity Test Kit Products

Our kit contains a case, glassware, and reagents for 25 tests. Kits are also available for 100 tests. Both come with reagent packages. Stock ampules (in mg/KOH/gram) are available in strengths of:

0.05 mg • 0.10 mg 0.15 mg 0.30 mg 0.60 mg 1.00 mg

IT-9 ASTM D 2285 Water Drop Weight Test Method

This is by far the easiest interfacial tensiometer to use in the market. You can make up to three consecutive tests on a sample before resetting. No skills or elaborate cleanup after each test is required. Please note that the tester cannot be used for hazardous chemicals. It contains all the tools necessary to store, carry, and conduct the test, whether you're in the laboratory or in the field.

The Gerin Model PSB-97 Oil Colorimeter Test

The PSB-97 is a simple, economical, and visual tool that allows the user to thoroughly examine petroleum-insulating fluids. Oil color and clarity also provide added data to determine if insulating fluids are suitable for further use.